The Building Department enforces codes and regulations by the State of Florida and Suwannee County governing the construction, alteration. and maintenance of buildings and structures in Suwannee County for the protection of residents and property.

The departments staff reviews applications and issues building permits for the construction of new buildings and structures and for the  alteration of existing ones.  The staff performs inspections as construction progresses to verify compliance with the applicable construction codes and regulations.  The Department also investigates complaints, enforces the correction of building code violations related to new and existing buildings, enforces local regulations related to unsafe structures, and reviews the proposed construction products used for the protection of the building envelope to ensure that required standards within the manufacturing industry are maintained, as well as administers the local contractor trade licensing process, promotes adherence to contractor regulations and investigates unlicensed contractor activity.

Patrick Taylor, Building Official / Inspector   386-364-3408
Patrick Taylor Cell Phone   386-688-1859

Mack Hinkle, Inspector    386-364-3408
Mack Hinkle Cell Phone   386-688-3512

Marci Douglas, Staff Assistant    386-208-1606

Quineisha Callum , Staff Assistant    386-364-3407

Meredith Garrison, Staff Assistant    386-364-1997

Fax Machine    386-364-3754

Suwannee County Building Department - 224 Pine Ave. SW, Live Oak, FL 32064
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm